Cool PowerShell Profile Tricks

I wanted to quickly share some of the cool Profile tips I’ve started using.  Some of these are one’s I’ve come across online, so I can’t take credit for them all!  A lot of them are driven by the fact that I have one profile I use on all my machines – so the script needs to be flexible.

Snap-In Loader

Add this little bit to load all the Snap-ins you regularly use.  It will only try to install one’s that are installed, so if you have different sets available on each machine there won’t be any error messages.

$snapins = “PowerGadgets”,”PowerPad”, “ZachsCmdlets”

$snapins | ForEach-Object {  if ( Get-PSSnapin -Registered $_ -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue ) {  Add-PSSnapin $_  -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue }  }


BootStrap Folder

I wanted to have a folder that I could organize all my “Random Functions” into that would still get loaded into the PowerShell session (the Profile document gets too large to manage otherwise!). 

The File location:

$myscripts = “C:/somelocation/scripts/bootstrap/”

ls $myscripts |% { &”$myscripts /$_” }


*Important NOTE:  Inside the bootstrap files, any function or variable you want available in the session needs to be declared using the “global” moniker:

E.g.:  $global:myvar

E.g.:  global:myFunction(){ return “foo” }


Recursive Lookup

Want to filter files recursively?  Use this FF function (it’s sort of my own shout-out to my previous favorite bash):

function global:ff ([string] $glob) { get-childitem -recurse -include $glob }


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